Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass

Ureteral Obstruction

For more information on ureteral obstruction and other options see here

  • Definitive treatment for ureteral obstruction in cats; also suitable for some dogs.
    • Cats are more prone to stricture (obstruction due to scar tissue) with ureteral stones; such stricture can obstruct a stent
  • Nephrostomy tube connected to a cystostomy tube – functions as another ureter

  • Ureteral Obstruction

    Subcutaneous port
  • Enables urinalysis/culture from affected kidney
  • Enables pyelogram/contrast studies
  • Flush system every 3 months to reduce risk of obstruction by blood clot or any calculi that may be forming
  • Unilateral or bilateral as needed

  • Bypass markedly reduces  the major risks of stricture (scar tissue obstruction) and leakage associated with primary surgery to remove the obstruction.

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